Why Didn't I Think of That Before?

Until I started really thinking about how much electricity we use I had never considered an alternative wash programme on my washing machine.

I think I was simply stuck in a groove.  I use the wool wash for my jumpers and the sports wash for Steve's cycling gear and then the cottons wash for my sheets and the mixed load for general clothes.  The quickest of these is the wool wash at 40m minutes.  The sheets would take more than an hour.  Its simply that I just thought my clothes needed this amount of washing... or perhaps I just didn't think at all because actually they don't.

Today I changed all that.  I have a programme on the machine that says Super Quick.  It is a fifteen minute wash.  Since most of my clothes are only a little sweaty not actually dirty then surely fifteen minutes would be enough?

I did three loads of washing in 45 minutes - including towels which I normally would bung in with the sheets for a long wash.  Blimey I've saved a lot of electricity and the end result?  The clothes seem to be as clean and fresh as if I had used the longer programmes.

How silly I didn't think of it before now.  D'oh!


  1. I did the same for years - and now do the same as you - the quick cycle. I only use longer for really dirty clothes (like when hubby's playing in the mud lol)

  2. I discovered this as well. I don't wear woolens or have mega dirty clothes, so my dials never moved. Now I do a 30 minute cycle at 30 degrees for everything. Phooey to the scolding hot water to kill the germs, my washing is clean.

    1. I never thought about germs... but I can't see how any germs that survive the wash cycle (even a short one at 30C) would do us any harm... aren't we exposed to germs all day, every day, anyway..?

    2. It's just what I read elsewhere. People seem to think that you need very hot water to kill the germs. They like to wash bedding in a hot wash, and you get germs on your socks and pants also which need a hot wash. Phooey I say, I can live with my germs.


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