All Good Things...

...must come to an end and so it is that our American volunteers left this morning for Madrid and the rest of their holiday, leaving the finca strangely quiet, apart from the sound of the washing machine that is... isn't it always the way after you have visitors?  We really are very grateful for all their hard work.  Our water meadow has been cut, phew, what a job that was and one that we really couldn't get to grips with.  At the start of the week they thought it would only take them a day to cut it...

Well we knew different.  Its more weeds than grass here and its very tough, but they were so enthusiastic we didn't want to burst the bubble.  In the end it took the three of them nearly a week to do it.

Working hard in the heat, good for the muscles - better than a workout in the gym!  But also getting hayfever and stung by wasps and friction burns from wearing inappropriate clothing for work (jeans!) and numerous other bites from unseen and perhaps unknown bugs and beasties that have made their home in the long grass.  But there it is!!  A large field full of little (or not so little) piles of hay.  Well done you guys!

After work we left them to their own devices to rest or play, we often heard shrieks of laughter coming from the campsite to find out later that another creepy crawly had taken someone by surprise.  They made a friend in the village who took them to the local disco for a night out that ended around 5:30am the following morning... oh yes... we remember what it was to be young!

The temperatures here are now on the rise as the intense heat of summer descends upon us.  We are going to be increasingly housebound now until September when the rains come and the autumn brings 'better' weather.

How quickly we have changed, not that long ago I sat through a rain sodden English summer bemoaning the wet and wishing for some sun.  And here I am contemplating a relentlessly hot, scorching summer, day after day for the next 8 weeks with a longing for rain... just a good downpour you understand.... Perhaps we haven't changed at all.  Are we never satisfied?  Ha ha.  No, I am more than happy, my cup runneth over... just not with rain.


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