Remember Carmen and Miranda?

Here they are looking very fluffy and cute.

 Here they are now!

At just seven weeks they are as big as the gander and getting fatter every week.

The five goslings (a week younger than Carmen and Miranda) are also no longer fluffy or yellow.

They are getting more adventurous too and stray some way from mummy goose before realising where they are and running to catch up.

From all I have read they are very hardy birds and can survive on very little.  Just grass with an addition of a little wheat or hen food.  Our only issue is the lack of grass.  Actually that is incorrect.  We have tons of the stuff but most of it is very dry and yellow.

Must the grass be green?  I don't know.  I have read that they were often fattened on the stubble left behind after harvest... well that implies that it would be yellow and dry... if that is the case then we are doing fine...

But when I give them some lettuce or spinach or cabbage they go daft!  Its as if they haven't eaten for a week.  It is a worry.  I am thinking that I should cull the goslings at 12 weeks - which is the earliest you can eat them. And save myself the worry and expense of the feeding, we have managed to get some free 'old' lettuce from our regular veggie man at the market but not enough to last an entire week.  But if they can exist on such meagre pickings as dry grass then I would keep them on until the autumn.  Needless to say Carmen and Miranda are NOT for the pot.  I couldn't possibly eat them, favouritism?  Absolutely!  But if anyone knows if they can survive on dry brown grass please do let me know.


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