Carmen & Miranda Come to Finca La Reina

Welcome to Carmen and Miranda - no, don't ask me which one is which, they appear to be identical!

Carmen and Miranda are not from our own geese.  Our stalwort Mrs Goose is still sat on her eggs with roughly another ten days to go before we will know if she is a proud mum or not.

Our aim is to increase our flock so that we can supply ourselves with the occasional goose dinner and perhaps swap one or two for lamb or other such treats from neighbours and friends who are raising sheep and other livestock.  My worry was that with only a single pair of geese the offspring from this pairing will probably be mating with their own father next year.... ???  Is that allowed???  It's an Adam and Eve situation and probably doesn't bear thinking about too deeply but all the same, being new to this raising livestock lark, I thought I had better do some research.

After searching on the internet - isn't the web amazing?  I have been able to glean that it is probably ok that daddy mates with daughter but not really a good idea if brother and sister do.  So we shall have to watch and separate any ganders that are born and trade them with friends in order to spread the genes about a bit.

We were given Carmen and Miranda, at barely 24 hours old, incubator raised not stolen from their mum in order to mix our gene pool up a bit.

In the absence of a brooder unit with heat lamp the day old goslings spent the night in a cloth bag hung around my neck and resting on my chest.  Did I sleep?  No, not much.  But this is only for one night.  Tonight they will go into a box with a heat pad that is normally used to make yoghurt.  It doesn't get very hot, just above room temperature.  I will cover the heat pad just in case and hopefully it will just keeps the chill off their bottoms.  Along with a carefully made nest of warm fabric and being placed in a warm room we are fairly confident they will be fine.

During the day they spend a little time in the cat box with food and water and the rest of the time in a bag around my neck, where they nestle down and fall asleep.  The plan is that these geese will be very friendly with humans (making wing clipping and other procedures like medicine giving easier).  They will be introduced into the main flock when they are teenagers, not exactly sure at what age that is, but once they are big enough to hold their own, in case of unpleasant behaviour by the existing flock.

Meanwhile, we still have a dozen chicken eggs in a friends incubator, being the start of our chickens for eating flock.  I do not intend to carry those around in a bag round my neck!  So other arrangements will have to be made for them.  Blimey spring is busy! .... but fun!


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