Things are Moving Along

...and at quite a pace I can tell you!  Our volunteers finished preparing the veggie patch.

And then they planted some trees around the edges, two apples, a pear, a plum and a peach.  These will provide much needed shade during the height of the summer once they are established.  In the meantime I will probably have to rig up some shade or my tomatoes and peppers might just frizzle away.

The watering solution is all but solved.  Our blimp fills with rainwater from the roof and now we have a  hand operated bilge pump to get the water from the blimp and over the rocks to where we are going to put another container.  The idea being that we shall top this container up from the blimp.  The smaller container is just a very short hop from the veggie patch and the hen house.

Oh yes talking of hen houses.  Our now redundant goose house has been moved back up from the water meadow and now resides beside our existing hen house.  The idea being that we shall get some more hens (for eating this time) and keep them in this house and a small enclosure... we won't let them free range since we don't really want them building up tough muscle...

Our geese seem perfectly happy with the arrangement of small enclosure with no house.  Mrs Goose has now laid 8 beautiful big eggs in her nest and began her long 'sit' last night.  It will be thirty days before we find out if the eggs were fertile or not.

The weather has turned quite warm but with a gentle breeze from the north so we don't overheat.  Perfect gardening weather.  Tomorrow I shall be sowing beans - white beans especially for drying and  I shall also be preparing a seed bed.  Meanwhile wild flowers are popping up all over the finca.

And the crab apple is in blossom....

And then today we heard the first Cuckoo.  Life doesn't get much better than this!


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