Play Time!

We have been working hard along with our volunteers to get the long list of finca jobs done and so we planned a little time out for fun and friends.  A BBQ was arranged with everyone bringing along what they would like to eat and drink (that way it isn't too much of a strain on the hosts).  And cheekily I seem to have ended up with one bottle of sparkly wine more than I started with!

The weather was brilliant.  Warm like an English summer and the air full of birds and bees.

After food and catching up with friends old and new we had some entertainment.

Our very own, super talented volunteers gave us a show.  This is what they do as they travel around on their bicycles.  Street performance.

And their entire show is carried and performed from the back of the bike, theatre, props and all!

I can't begin to describe the fun and the mayhem (especially when Fergus decided to join in) but it was certainly different.

And everyone enjoyed it!

Kevin and Sylvia are slowly updating their blog as they travel around Europe by Bicycle, entertaining and educating along the way.  They will be staying just one more week with us before heading off northward to their next destination and adventures new.  We shall be sad to see them go but before they do we have a few more jobs to be done.... tipi (which has been waiting patiently since last year to be put up) and a little more 'woodology' to get the last of this years prunings sorted into fuel for next winter and the rest for chipping and spreading on the garden.


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