More Egg Stuff!

The day after the first egg was laid by our Goose I went to check on it .... and it was gone!

OMG I felt terrible... I searched everywhere and could find no trace, no egg shell, no evidence of predators... nothing.  It was so disappointing.  The following day Mrs Goose went back up to the nest and sat for a long time.  When finally she went off to eat I snuck in to have a peep.  I could see no eggs at all.  What is going on?  Then I moved the grass carefully away and .... voila....

 ...what a clever girl, they were really well hidden.

Today I didn't see her sit on the nest but I still went in to have a look and now there are three eggs!

She has left them uncovered so far today and I can only assume that its to allow them to cool down a bit.  I need to stop fretting, she is an experienced mum having raised four goslings last year, I should just let her do her thing.

We were worried about whether the eggs would be fertile or not.  The geese mate on water and Mrs Goose has been very reluctant to get into the buckets we provided.

So we sank the buckets lower into the ground so that it should, in theory, be easier for the very fat Mother Goose to get in and out.  It seemed to do the trick and Mr Goose took advantage almost instantly.  So it's all fingers crossed now.  We are taking bets on how many eggs we think she will lay before sitting.  I am opting for 5... or maybe 6.

Still on egg matters.  We have a large number of hens eggs and I haven't made any cakes for a while so I did a moorish Reine de Saba (full recipe details on Food from the Finca), making one to eat now and one for the freezer.

And a curious thing.  This hens egg is round.  Not ovoid like eggs usually are... just like a ball...

.... round.  Inside it was just like all the others but it felt very strange to be round and not... egg shaped!


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