Intrepid Travellers Pedal their way to Finca La Reina

This week we welcomed Kevin and Slyvia to our finca.  They left the UK last May on their bicycles heading for the continent and have been travelling pretty much ever since.  If this wasn't remarkable enough they are actually a travelling theatre company!  For more info about them try their blog here.

They wintered in Portugal and are now on their way back up through Spain towards France and familiar territory.  They always travel by bicycle and on the way are keen to meet up with other cycle fanatics joining in with eco-cycling projects and bike workshop events and basically promoting a world view that functions at the speed of the cyclist... you've heard of slow food... well imagine a whole world slowed down to bicycle speed.

They are staying with us for a couple of weeks during which time they are working on making a vegetable garden for us.  This patch of bare ground is destined to produce our potatoes this year and perhaps some watermelons too!

On top of this they have promised us some entertainment next weekend and we are planning a bbq with friends and neighbours invited.  In return for all this hard work and the entertainment we are giving them bed and board.  Bed is the yurt of course and if you want to know what kind of stuff they are eating then just pop over to Food from the Finca to see how we fare!

We borrowed a rotovator and once the grass was removed Steve had a go!  The ground is quite sandy but there are worms and other insects and we are going to give it a little hen poo and some of our compost to ensure a good crop.

While taking the grass off the top... look what Kevin and Sylvia found...

They are white truffles.  Prized quite highly around here.  I could find very little information online about Spanish white truffles - all the information was about Italian ones and I have been very reluctant to try cooking these.

I am hesitating mostly because I do not like black truffles and I think these might be similar, secondly they do not really smell and I expected a fairly distinctive aroma from them.  The lack of which has led me to question whether they are the real deal or not.  A friendly local has not so far been found who can enlighten me... the search continues, however, since we are turning this little patch of ground into the veggie garden it is possible that we may not get any more in the future.  I might have to investigate the rest of the finca to see if we have any more.

There is a distinct possibility that if we do find more there could be a market for them in the posh restaurants of Madrid or Barcelona.

 In the meantime work on the veggie patch continues.  There is nothing nicer than planning what you are going to plant, its almost like counting your chickens before they have hatched... and talking along those lines... our goose has laid six eggs so far and still shows no sign of sitting on the nest, so obviously there are more to come... all fingers crossed!


  1. Glad you have some help. I would love to play around with that machine.


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