Farewell and a hint of things to come!

Kevin and Sylvia set off for pastures new.

Adventures await as we know the terrain they are about to cycle through - some of the best bird watching country Spain has to offer!

Buena Suerte Kevin y Sylvia y gracias por todo el trabajo duro!

We were given 12 fertilised hens eggs - Castilian Black hens - which we are hoping to hatch to begin a new flock of chickens for eating.  A friend has offered to put them into her incubator for us and then its just a case of wait and see...

The eggs are cleaned gently with plain water and then marked with a zero and a cross on opposite sides so that she knows when they have been turned.  Here they are going into the incubator nestled in among some goose eggs.

And here is a goose egg that hatched just yesterday morning....  Welcome to Geraldine the goose.

Geraldine's egg was hatched in a box on top of the radiator!  With careful attention and regular turning (3 times a day) for 31 days.

She is sooooo sweet!  I do hope that our Mrs Goose is sitting on fertilised eggs and that we get some goslings.  They are due in a couple of weeks.

Geraldine was so fluffy she tickled as she nestled in to my neck!  She loved it when Steve popped her into his hood.  She squeaks and chirrups almost constantly.

Our friend showed us her flock and her many geese, some sitting on nests full of eggs, including a gander that couldn't make up his mind and has sat on some eggs!  We shall be swapping some of our goslings if we get some with some of these ones so that we can mix up the gene pool a bit and increase our flock.

Our friend takes the geese to market later in the year but not Geraldine, the ones raised in the house become quite tame and are destined to be future mothers and permanent additions to the flock.  Geraldine gets put into a little fleecy bag which our friend carrys around her neck and popped inside her blouse where its cosy warm.  It's a bit distracting I can tell you, talking to someone whose bosom squeaks all the time!


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