Fire Fire

When we arrived last April the finca was dotted with large piles of wood trimmings.  The cuttings from the annual olive pruning which takes place in January and February, once the harvest is over with.  Usually the prunings are sorted into usable chunks for the indoor fire and the rest of it is burned on the finca.

 We didn't really have our act together last year having only just bought the place... that's a bit of an understatement, I seem to remember that we walked around like rabbits caught in the headlights for a good few weeks, pinching ourselves at regular intervals.

Anyway, the burning season is upon us and we set about getting rid of the rubbish wood.

It's taking roughly a day to do one pile... sorting the wood... cutting the bigger bits with the chainsaw... and then burning the rubbish.

We have about 6 more piles of old wood to go....

And then of course we shall have to start on this year's prunings.  We have been using the camping kitchen to have lunch which saves time when we are working down at that end of the finca.  Its looking very cosy in there now that we have unpacked all our stuff and sorted it out a bit.

But today we were burning up nearer to the house so we decided to try a little experiment.  The ashes of the fire gets very very hot... perhaps we could bake eggs in it.... We scraped a depression in the hot ash and then put the eggs on...

And then we covered them up with more hot ash...

This one exploded just as I took it out of the fire... 

This one was in for two minutes and it was a little soft so I figured another minute would do it...

This one was in for five minutes and isn't cooked at all... but the one next to it was overcooked on one side and raw on the other.

I managed to waste a good half a dozen eggs... But since I have about two dozen more waiting to be eaten I wasn't too upset about it.

... and we got about three to eat.

Ah well... it was an experiment and it was fun to try.  I think for future, the eggs need to go right into the centre of the fire with the ash built up around it.  The ash at the edge of the fire cools down far too quickly.  I think we should also prick the shells because we did have a couple of them explode (pop) which was amusing... but left the egg pretty much inedible.  All in all it was an interesting day, which we shall be repeating for several more days to come - minus the baked eggs mind you!


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