Beauty or Function AGAIN

Remember the water butt?

 Would you believe that its full already!  It holds about 6,000 litres of water collected from the roof of the house.  It took a week of fairly constant rain to fill it... The overspill is once again threatening to wash away the path revealing electric and water gubbins underneath... so...

A Technobilly solution that will do for now....

The water goes through the pipe and across the rocks where it is released onto the grass and it will filter down through the finca to the stream at the bottom.

It is not a beautiful or elegant solution but it is functional and I suspect will remain like this for many years.  Why fix something that isn't broke?  And after a while we wont even notice it any more.

In a year or two I hope to have some honeysuckle or jasmine growing up the water butt and softening it a bit but I feel less urgency about it than I did when it first arrived.  It's a real useful piece of kit and I am going to be laughing in summer when I water my garden without delving into our main well.

Talking of water and how much rain we have had... we have a new temporary pond ... I say temporary but it was here last year when we arrived in April and it was full of tadpoles which perished when the pond dried up a few weeks later.

Obviously some of the toads (yes toads not frogs) survived because they have returned and spawned in the same pond.  Toad spawn is not in clumps like frogs... doesn't look a bit like tapioca!  Toads spawn  is in long threads looking like jet black strings of beads... We didn't have the hens last year so I wonder if the tadpoles will survive at all this year!

As we walked the dog the other day we noticed this wall....

 It's another Technobilly solution.  There are a lot of dry stone walls around here and like in Britain the skill is dying out, only a few (mostly elderly) people are able to do it well.  As you can imagine, they are either very expensive to hire or simply not for hire at all, if you ask a builder to sort it he would just suggest pouring concrete over the stones.  Here the farmer has used whatever he had to hand to repair his wall.

Its modern bricks and it looks awful compared to the beauty of the dry stone walling...

... but it is functional, it is less wasteful than simply throwing these old bricks away and it probably cost him nothing more than his time and labour.

I am starting to see how a world full of recycled objects would look.... initially not really very beautiful at all ... but if you stop to think about it a bit... its pretty cool!


  1. That is really good that it filled up so quickly. We used to have cisterns when I was young and the water was used for drinking. We had to ad chlorine in the summer months as even though they cistern was below ground the water would start to go bad with bacteria. We had an electric pump and pressurized tank to supply water throughout the house.

    1. We too have an electric pump that brings the water up from the main well. The water is crystal clear and very clean... just a little silt comes u with it and sinks to the bottom of the deposito ... we have to clean this out about once a year. We had the well water tested and it came back as pure mineral water... whoo hooo! The rainwater tank will solely be for watering the garden... waste not as the saying goes.


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