Beauty or Function?

Our builder informed us some time ago that he was safe-keeping several items in his workshop that belonged to us.  He had been storing these items for several years.  But as part of the finca they are now ours.  We asked what they were and he rattled off a list that included 3 deposito's (one large and two smaller)... our ears perked up!

Our water butt overflows and the water carves a path down the lane and has been exposing underground pipes that shouldn't be exposed.  Mending this or devising some kind of overflow solution is on the list of jobs to do but just hadn't been done yet.  A deposito is basically a large water butt.  We have a big one at the head of the well and a smaller one at the house for our house water.  Perfect we informed the builder please can you deliver the deposito's to us.


It's a little larger than we thought it would be.

Actually it isn't a deposito at all, its part of some kind of ecological water purification system that a previous, previous owner was planning on installing.

It came complete with a submersible pump and yards of tubing and electrical sensors and wiring and a generator and filters and other 'gubbins'...

Christmas for a Technobilly like Steve.

We are going to use the large one as a water butt.  It will hold 6,000 litres of water from the roof and save us having to use the well for at least part of the summer when watering the garden.  At the moment we haven't quite figured out how we are going to get the water out... but it was great listening to the rain flowing into it last night.

I have to admit it is an eyesore.  And it is directly on the approach to the house but being practical... what else would we do with it? We already have an ecological septic tank solution - which uses less power and is less complicated than this one... and is already installed.  We might as well re-purpose it and make the best of it that we can and there is no doubt that the winter rains will be better used on the garden in the summer than just washing away down the road.  I plan to grow roses or something over it to try and hide it a bit (that is going to take time when it's so big!) and in the meantime Steve is going to have great fun finding uses for all the other engineering type 'gubbins' that came with it.


  1. Wow, that may be useless to many people but it is a wonderful thing to those of us who live close to the soil. What luck getting that!

  2. I have to admit that our hearts leapt with delight when we saw it... but at the same time I could just imagine some of our friends looking aghast at how unpretty our house now looks with this huge black carbuncle right at the front lol!

  3. You could put some wheels on it and make it into a caravan :o))

    1. lol! The builder did climb inside it to get some rubbish out and he is over six foot and we couldn't see him at all when he stood up in it, so there were possibilities... ha ha. Volunteer accommodation? Any takers? Nah... I didn't think so.


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