A Walk in the Fog

Yesterday was an amazing day, 19C on our veranda in the shade, blue sky and brilliant sunshine and we worked so hard on the finca.  This morning was another story.  The fog came down and was really thick and we were so disappointed because we had planned to take the dog for a really long walk as a treat.  By 10:30am it appeared to be thinning out a bit so we decided to go anyway.

We went down a lane opposite our village which leads to a stream and an ancient roman bridge just wide enough for a cart.

I had hardly time to get my camera out when the photo opportunity presented itself.

This kind of sight is not so rare here in this part of Spain but it does make you wonder why the farmer would go to the trouble of hitching up the mule when he probably has a trailer and a four wheel drive at home!  So glad that he still wants to do it though.  

It was very atmospheric seeing it coming out of the mist... we heard it first, because the axle on the cart rumbled every time the wheel turned.  The mule hardly made a sound on the dirt road only clip clopping while crossing the pebble stones on the bridge.

.......And then we noticed all this white stuff beside the river.

It turned out to be masses of spider web.

One giant spider or millions of little ones?  Being a bit of a coward when it comes to the 8-legged kind I decided not to hang around to find out.

A little farther on our walk and we passed a field of cows.

We picked up a couple of giant pine cones from under the trees beside the canal.  I took them home to get a decent photograph.  On checking them, all the nuts had gone, either fallen out or eaten by something I guess.

This is the trees that give us the pine nuts.

Another photo opportunity almost missed...

These ghostly shapes are two storks taking off into the mists.  They have just arrived from Africa where they spend the coldest months and their return is the first harbinger of spring - signs of which are just starting to appear here in Extremadura.

We have some aloe vera plants in our garden, but not quite this big!

We passed this very pretty tree all covered in red berries - it's the only one I have seen around here and I don't know what it is.

We also passed by several orange groves - the oranges are big fat and juicy this year and just ready for eating right now!

The village appears out of the fog as we get near.  By this time our poor little dog is getting quite weary, it's been a while since he walked so far.

And by the time we got home the sun was shining and it was really quite warm.

Just perfect for a snooze on the veranda!


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