Christmas is coming and....

...the geese are already quite fat!  Welcome to our latest new arrivals... the geese!

 At the moment we have seven geese but the deal is that the four youngest ones are for the pot... three to be given away and one for us for Christmas.  That will leave us with a gander and two unrelated females for breeding more goose dinners for next year.

We had great difficulty in moving the house down to the water meadow in preparation for the geese but with the help of friends who were donating the geese anyway the house was transported piece by piece.

It has been a very dry autumn so far here in Extremadura and the stream is not running so our poor geese were a bit glum.

They had not enjoyed the drive here and when removed from the cage in the back of our friends van they were totally covered in poo.  With no water to wash they were not at all happy.

We set off on a mission to locate some paddling pools - well its not swimming pool season here and the best we could do was this...

We bought three of these and filled them to the brim... The geese were ecstatic!They made such a racket and we had to refill the basins twice before they finished their ablutions.  But finally we have happy geese and happy geese owners too!

In other news the house is still not finished (surprise surprise) but we are getting there.  The kitchen is almost finished with just a few pieces not done... why?  Oh goodness knows but there are shelves missing from cupboards and drawer fronts still to come as well as the wooden bar and some worksurface missing.

But... I have been able to unpack most of the boxes on the veranda marked 'kitchen' and find a place for everything... some things are currently on the work surface but are destined for cupboards once the shelving turns up. We just had a long weekend holiday in Spain and of course the finishing of the kitchen is now delayed another week.  We are still waiting for laminate flooring for upstairs too but that is another story, for another time.

Meanwhile... the olive harvest began this week.  All our neighbouring finca's are noisy with workers and bashing of trees with sticks.  We have not started our harvest.  We have been so busy with the house and the arrival of the geese, and not having the help of the volunteers that we expected, we are very much playing catch up.  We have decided to dedicate this week to the house and whatever isn't done this week will not get done until after Christmas.  Next week we will begin harvesting the olives.

It's a massive step forward to see the veranda so clear of boxes... and the weather has been fantastic (for us, not for geese!) and we have lunched outside in the sunshine every day.  Check back for the update on the goose dinner.  In particular... who is going to kill the goose?  And who is going to do the plucking and cleaning?  Another giant leap on our journey towards self sufficiency!


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