Unfortunately our volunteers have let us down very much at the last minute leaving us a bit short handed at a very busy time.  So....

WANTED:  One or two capable 'outdoorsy' type people willing to work for four or five hours a day (weekends free) for a minimum of two weeks between now and Christmas.  The jobs needing doing are...

1.  Moving this large hen house from here.......

To here.....  well at the bottom of this road is the water meadow...just out of sight through the gate at the bottom... yeah it's a long way.

It is going to be modified to house our geese which are arriving in December.

2.  The olive harvest.....

We have around 150 trees but not all of these are producing.  No experience is required, it is simply a case of putting down nets, bashing the tree branches with sticks and then gathering the olives into buckets.

3.  Wood chopping & Stacking for winter.

4.  Stream clearing....  (sheer brute strength with spade I'm afraid) although this job is a necessity before the expected winter rains it can wait a little longer... the geese don't mind if the meadow floods... in fact they actually really like the wet!

This bit of stream has already been cleared... the bit that hasn't looks like this...

In return for all this hard work you will get bed and board and a little experience of life on an organic farm in a very beautiful part of rural Spain.  'Bed' is the yurt which has been kitted out for winter with blankets around the walls and wood burning stove.  Currently there is a double bed in there but this could be changed for two singles if required.  All the bedding (high tog rating duvet and extra blankets if required) is supplied, towels and eco friendly shower gel and shampoo is also available.  All cleaning products used on the premises has to be eco-friendly.

The temperature does get down to 0C here during winter, especially during the night but the wood burning stove is more than enough to keep you cosy.  The 'board' is home cooked meals of hearty stews and soups and warming winter puddings -  and plenty of it!  (here shown pre-cooking!)

It's not just armies that march on their stomachs... workers need food and we always make sure our visitors get enough.  We can cater for vegetarians but they have to accept that we do eat meat and meat meals are prepared in our kitchen.

During the day the sun usually shines and the temperature can get up as much as 18C and we often eat alfresco at lunch time but it is also just as likely to rain during December so you need to be prepared.  Gloves, hats, woolly jumpers and wellies along with raincoats and waterproof trousers are a must.

So?  Are you game for an adventure?  If so... you need to get in touch... email me at j.legalloudec 'at' symbol gmail.com .  To get to us you need to fly to Madrid and then get the train to Caceres.  There are only a couple of trains a day from Madrid to Caceres the last one leaves around 7:30pm.  Alternatively you could combine your stay with some real sight-seeing and hire a car at Madrid airport so that you can get about the area at your leisure.    Whichever way you look at it, a working holiday with us is something you will still be talking about in years to come!


  1. I'm a bit too old for this Jane, you need some strapping young men. Hope you find some.

  2. I hope so too Ilona. So far... nada... Some interest for next year but this doesn't help us much at the moment. I shall blog about the harvest anyway so you will see what happens next month!


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