House update!

Apologies for the delay in updating you all as to the progress on the house.  Things here took a very busy turn.

Our deadline for finishing the house renovations was the impending arrival of my 90 year old father for a holiday.  This date was fixed, the flight booked and everything arranged.  The builders knew of this months before work began on the house.  You already know that we spent a lot longer than predicted living in the yurt and camping kitchen.  It turned out to be just over 6 weeks.  The last couple of which were beginning to get cold and damp.

The house door and window glass was fitted just three days before my father's arrival.

The stair treads were not ready so the old metal ones were hastily soldered back on to give us a temporary stairway.  It is a bit precarious at the top and very far from ideal but there was little else we could do.

The new kitchen was not ready so we hobbled together what we could of the old cabinets and some temporary work tops.

 The walls are not painted and are not pretty.  There is no light in the kitchen other than a standard lamp directed towards the darkest spots.  The slide out privacy screens planned for the mezanine floors were not ready and a hasty screen was assembled.

The tv works, the computer works, the cooker works and the fridge works.  The bathroom has a nice new shower and our solar water heater is installed... just waiting for sunshine.

The day before my father arrived the water pump broke and we had no water to the house.  Sigh.  A hasty call to the plumber ascertained that we need a new pump.  A temporary repair gives us water but we can only use one tap at a time.  The builder is holding two spare pumps of ours in his workshop and said he would bring one of them up so that we can replace the faulty one.  Ten days have passed and we still haven't got the pump replaced... hey ho.

The sun shone for my father's visit.  And his remarkable sense of adventure carried us through.  We took well earned time out for tourist type visits and sight-seeing trips.  And amazing long lunches in interesting restaurants (3 courses, bottle of wine, bottle of water and only 40 euros for all four of us!)

My son and his wife turned up with a car full of goodies from England.  It was like Christmas as we unpacked the stove for the yurt and the new bell tent and numerous other bits and bobs that we were unable to get here.  They kindly tested out the heating in the yurt and gave it a big thumbs up!  

It's now warm and toasty in there and all ready for our olive picking volunteers who arrive in a few weeks.

The bell tent was put up just to make sure it was ok... no one remembered to take a photo once it was up!  But suffice to say it was absolutely fine and nestled in to it's surroundings like it was meant to be here.

Seeing our place afresh through the eyes of our family and we see it all starting to come together.  It is very rewarding to be able to share our 'dream' with other's... even an unfinished dream.

All frustrations and anxiety left us and we realised that the dream may never be finished... the dream is the journey NOT the destination.  This will always be a place for adventures, trying to live an ecologically friendly lifestyle and to co-exist with nature up close and personal like we do... there will always be something that breaks, something that needs more work, something that isn't quite finished.  There will always be work needing done, pruning of trees, picking of fruit, grass cutting and wood cutting and house renovations and improvements.  It may never ever be what we envisaged at the start....

But that's ok.


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