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Tomorrow will be a five weeks since we moved out of the house for the three day renovation job.  Sigh.  It was pretty much summer when we left and now it is definitely autumn.  Not autumn like in the UK though.  There isn’t much evidence of autumn leaves, the figs have shed some which turned brown on the ground but most of the other trees are evergreens. We had a week of torrential rains interspersed with light drizzle and suddenly the grass is growing again.  And the birds are back, it is only now that we have birdsong in the morning that we realised how much we missed them through the long hot dry summer, when the only sound was the cicadas. And these lovely delicate trumpety flowers have appeared everywhere.  They are called Autumn Snowflakes. These have sprung up since the rain too.  Not sure exactly what they are, iris or some sort of lily perhaps, they could even be gladioli… we shall have to wait and see. My crab apples are not as ripe as they