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Harvest Moon and House Renovations

We have been living in the yurt and camping kitchen for 9 days now.  9 days into what was promised to be a three day building job.  Thank goodness for the yurt!  Although autumn it is very hot here in the afternoons.  The mornings begin cool – cool enough into thinking you need to wear jeans but by lunch time you are changing into shorts and tank tops and by 4 o’clock you are dreaming of throwing yourself into a swimming pool fully clothed in order to cool down. It was the harvest full moon a couple of nights ago and by some luck or strange coincidence we have positioned the yurt so that this moon tracks a path directly across the centre of the crown window.  We lay in bed, our pillows bathed in a silvery light, and watched a huge moon travel the sky until we fell asleep.  In the morning when I was walking down to the shower block to use the loo, the sun just skimming the hills behind me the moon was just bouncing down behind the hills in front – all fiery orange and enormous

This is Why We Need Volunteers!

I have been advertising for volunteers on this site and I also joined (an excellent site that puts Volunteers in touch with Host farms and families who need a bit of help) and we have to date had several inquiries and are expecting our first Volunteers to arrive in December to help with the Olive harvest.  I thought I would illustrate why we need help. This is part of the old wooden hen run which was attached to the old wooden hen house at the top of the finca. The plan was to move the run down to the lower meadow where we have our own hen house (Eglu brought from England with us) and to join it to ours so that our new hens (coming end of September) will have a decent sized run.  There is an issue of free-range or not free-range or how much free-range?  Suffice to say that to start with they will be in the run. Steve took the runs off the hen house but didn't want to totally dismantle them, he thought it would be easier to simple move them as is.  He then set

Casualties of the Summer and the Scorpion's Tale

Temperatures are finally starting to cool down here now.  Having said that it's still 27C out there this morning, but night time temperatures have fallen enough to enable us to sleep back in the house in our own bed on our own lovely mattress. This summer has been a steep learning curve.  I knew I had to water the plants but I didn't realise just how much water was required.  When I thought I had given them enough I really hadn't and alas there have been casualties.  Here you can see the thyme just hanging on. The roses are on their way out... they might just make it if they get a lot of tlc now... I have been trying but the leaves are still turning brown and dropping so it's touch and go. In fact there is a lot of 'brown' leaves on a lot of plants that obviously survived other summers here and I can only put the blame on my inexperience. Water management is going to be a major part of our gardening in the future.  At one end of the finca we ha