The Roman Bridge

Today, because all work and no play makes us all very dull indeed, we went for another site-seeing jaunt.  We went to the city of Merida.  Merida (it should have an accent over the e but I can't find an e with an accent on my blogger post... perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place... anyway...) was the capital city of the Roman Province of Lusitania and it is about 40km from Finca La Reina.

I specifically wanted to walk the bridge.  It's the longest still-intact Roman bridge in the world, at 716 metres long, it is a feat of engineering I can tell you.  It has been refurbished twice - once in the 5th century and then again in the 18th century - of course it has always been kept in good repair constantly and only recently a new bridge was built so that traffic no longer had to use this very ancient one.

It continues my theme of enjoying walking where people have been walking for centuries.  We strolled across and then back again towards the oldest part of the city... a Roman garrison and a Moorish citadel.  Alas we couldn't go in to the Moorish Citadel because we had the dog with us.  Talking of the dog....

Do you notice that he doesn't quite look the same as before - yet another instance of our not communicating sufficiently well with the Spanish puppy parlour.  We only asked that he be cut a little shorter on the head this time....

To continue the Roman city theme... some photographs we took...

and so concluded our morning out in Merida.


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