Our Latest Aquisition

makes life so much easier for us.  Or at least it will do next month.

We bought a new gazebo.  It was reduced by 100 euros because it was a display model I think.  We snapped it up!  When we opened the box one page of the directions for putting it up was missing but that's not a problem when you are married to an engineer.

Why did we need it?  Well... next month the renovations start on our house.  While the builders and plumbers and electricians are doing their thing we have to move out.

The plan is that we will sleep in the yurt and use the camping kitchen and shower block for our necessaries but.... we realised very quickly that there was no where comfortable to sit out of the afternoon sun.

The sun can be really fierce, even in September, and the yurt can get very hot inside during the afternoon.  The shower block is full of our packing boxes as well as fridge and freezer and the dishes, pots and pans for the camping kitchen so there really isn't anywhere to sit.

We decided to give the gazebo a little test. We cooked a simply fry-up one-pot dinner and ate in the gazebo. It was really pleasant.  It is big enough to cover the picnic table as well as leaving room for a foldaway chair  so that we have a space to relax in the shade.  The next day we spent some time just sitting and reading to make sure that it really would be ok during the hottest part of the day.  It passed all tests and we feel ready for our brief (we hope) stay away from the house.

Of course the gazebo is also a lovely outside space for guests and visitors to use too.


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