The Summer Bedroom!

At last we have cracked the sleeping in the heat problem.  Yesterday we put the bed up in the yurt and did a little initial decorating.

We refuse to buy anything new for the yurt, at the moment anyway.  We will have to buy a little rug or mat for the door but for now we are determined to make do with what we have and try and make the best job of it that we can.  We have looked on the internet and seen countless photographs of what other people have done, and so, fired up with enthusiasm and some old voile curtains we had a go ourselves.

Our first realisation is that the bed is actually a bit large and it dominates the room.  It would have been better with a futon type bed but the futon we have is a single not a double so we are stuck with it as is.

We ordered mosquito nets over the internet from China.  They were cheap, we were able to purchase four at the same cost as buying one here.  Needless to say they are not the best quality... the main problem is the amount of gather in the fabric.  Someone was very stingy with it and although it was supposed to be a double it really wasn't.  So I cut two of the them and joined them together to make a really large net.  That seemed to work fine.

It looks romantic anyway.

Still to go in is a small woodburning stove for the winter and a comfortable chair.  We would like to have a foldaway small table... something a bit like a card table so we shall look out for that (although Steve reckons he can make one of those... we shall see).  We have bedside lights but no shades and we have to rig up a solar panel for them and for charging a mobile phone or laptop.

So... we tested it last night by spending the night.  We set off for the yurt armed with our pillows and torches and a can of mosquito spray just in case.

As we looked up from the bed we could see stars twinkling through the crown window.  We left the stable door half open to take advantage of the breeze.  A lizard was checking out the lattice work of the walls and we hope he will come back regularly - it will make cleaning so much easier if he's checking for insects too!  During the night we awoke to see the moon travel across the crown above us and fell asleep smiling.  In the early hours just before dawn it actually got a little chilly and we pulled the sheet up from where we had folded it at the bottom of the bed.  Oh joy!  Even better... no mosquito's no midgies no bugs of any kind had bothered us during the night.

Dawn arrived and we lay in bed watching the suns light slowly creep closer to the yurt.  The swallows were swooping and swirling just outside the doorway and we could hear the bell from the village clanging the time in the distance.

 This is our summer bedroom from now on!


  1. if it gets any hotter here in blighty, i'll be sleeping in a tent in the garden to keep cool - love froogs xx

  2. What amazing views you have there, it all looks very romantic. I wouldn't fancy the mozzies though.


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