Free Hot Water

Our portable solar shower gets it first real test.  It holds around 20 litres of water but we didn't fill it totally full because then it is heavy to lift.  Anyway... you fill it and then you lie it down in the sun with the black side facing up and leave it for a couple of hours and then you hang it in a tree or suitable place and bobs your uncle.

The nozzle is very small and it looks like you just get a trickle of water but it is surprising how well it works.  We had to add cold water to it at first because it was scorching hot!  We managed to get three showers in total out of the bag.

The tubing is a bit long - we cut it shorter for my shower and it worked fine.


Having looked at where the sun shines first thing in the morning we are going to fill it at night and leave it ready for the morning sun and hopefully we shall have water enough for morning ablutions without having to add to our electricity bill.

The temperature in the car says its 40C so you can imagine how wonderful it is to turn off the shower and start to 'air dry'.  I was positively squealing with delight!

 We have been using a shower gel with no detergents and no colours or perfumes added so it should be ok for all our plants and wildlife.

Eventually we will find a permanent spot for an outdoor shower and grow a nice screen of flowers or bushes  for modesty's sake but at the moment we are totally unashamed to strip off and shower in the garden... we are not exactly overlooked.  There is one spot where a neighbour would see us if he/she came down to the fence but the neighbouring finca's are only really occupied at weekends and holidays and the occasional farmer walking his boundary... I guess he might have to avert his eyes!


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