Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Blast from the Past

The afternoons are hot here.  So hot we are usually confined to the house and veranda.  So..... today I had a womble through the old photo's.  There was a purpose to this... I was looking for a specific photograph, which I did not find, I might add.  But then I was side-tracked and I thought it might be fun to go off topic (that is off Finca La Reina topic) for this post.

Where are they now?

 This is... from left to right.  Jane Carson, Yvonne Windell, (Jane Carson's mum at the back) Sandra Hutchinson and June Weller.  Its 1969 (I think) and its Jane's birthday....

She is 12.  You can see Yvonne Windell behind her in the kitchen doorway.  Jane is wearing a cream coloured lace dress with a row of pearls across the chest - her mum made the dress.  These four girls were the best of friends.  Very soon after this photograph was taken everything changed and everyone moved away, lost touch, perhaps they forgot about each other.  No, not entirely.  these four, I often think of them.

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