And Finally...

The Yurt Man's transport is fixed and our yurt makes it to the finca!

All the way from Devon and still got another 5 hours drive to Portugal to go.

The pieces for the yurt are brought up to the site.

The concertina walls are put in place.

The door is attached.

The crown is made ready....

...and up it goes.

Only three struts holding it in place at this point...

and then all the rest of the roof poles slip into their slots.

starting to look like it belongs here...

The roof canvas goes on..

and a window is revealed...

a little bit of anchoring in place

and the yurt has come home

Yep... reckon that will do!


  1. Amazing. Nice to see it all coming together. Love little Fergus.

  2. Fergus likes to get in on everything! Now the real fun bit starts... furnishing and decorating it!


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