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The First Person to eat a Fig...

... must have thought he/she was in heaven!  We were waiting for our figs to turn purple like our fig tree in the UK did but we have now discovered that our figs are green!. We do have one tree that seems to have purple skinned figs but they are not ripe yet.  Altogether we have 30 fig trees but some of them are just young trees and they don't have very many figs on them.  Anyway, we hadn't checked the figs for a while, thinking that we would notice purple skins once they went ripe and as I was passing I noticed a fig that was shining at me.  It was almost a luminescent green - it literally said 'eat me'.  So I did. !WoW! Soooo sweet! Some of the trees are nowhere near ripe, they could be other varieties of figs, a few of the leaves look a little different.  But there are lots ripe right now and getting riper by the minute almost.  We shall have to check the trees and harvest every day now. The birds have had a few, but not that many.  The occasional ant ha

The Summer Bedroom!

At last we have cracked the sleeping in the heat problem.  Yesterday we put the bed up in the yurt and did a little initial decorating. We refuse to buy anything new for the yurt, at the moment anyway.  We will have to buy a little rug or mat for the door but for now we are determined to make do with what we have and try and make the best job of it that we can.  We have looked on the internet and seen countless photographs of what other people have done, and so, fired up with enthusiasm and some old voile curtains we had a go ourselves. Our first realisation is that the bed is actually a bit large and it dominates the room.  It would have been better with a futon type bed but the futon we have is a single not a double so we are stuck with it as is. We ordered mosquito nets over the internet from China.  They were cheap, we were able to purchase four at the same cost as buying one here.  Needless to say they are not the best quality... the main problem is the amount of gathe

And Finally...

The Yurt Man's transport is fixed and our yurt makes it to the finca! All the way from Devon and still got another 5 hours drive to Portugal to go. The pieces for the yurt are brought up to the site. The concertina walls are put in place. The door is attached. The crown is made ready.... ...and up it goes. Only three struts holding it in place at this point... and then all the rest of the roof poles slip into their slots. starting to look like it belongs here... The roof canvas goes on.. and a window is revealed... a little bit of anchoring in place and the yurt has come home Yep... reckon that will do!

It's been a Technobilly kind of week!

Sorry for the long pause between posts but this has been a strange week.  We were all set for our yurt and tipi turning up when the intrepid nomad driving the van (pulling the horsebox) within which is our yurt phoned us to say that after several thousand miles of journey over land and sea... the van had konked out just 50 miles away.  Did we have a vehicle large enough to come and collect the yurt and tipi?  er... no.  The guy in the garage who is called Jesus said it needed a new engine and would take about a week to get one from Madrid and to get it fitted.  Therefore we offered our new friend Kevin from The Really Interesting Tent Company bed and board for the week.  Kevin was pleased to exchange the bed and board for some work on the finca (loads of pruning of olive suckers done in high temperatures... thank you Kevin) and we put all our excitement about the yurt on hold for a week.  Today... Jesus being true to his word... the van is ready for collection and our yurt and tipi ar

Free Hot Water

Our portable solar shower gets it first real test.  It holds around 20 litres of water but we didn't fill it totally full because then it is heavy to lift.  Anyway... you fill it and then you lie it down in the sun with the black side facing up and leave it for a couple of hours and then you hang it in a tree or suitable place and bobs your uncle. The nozzle is very small and it looks like you just get a trickle of water but it is surprising how well it works.  We had to add cold water to it at first because it was scorching hot!  We managed to get three showers in total out of the bag. The tubing is a bit long - we cut it shorter for my shower and it worked fine.   Having looked at where the sun shines first thing in the morning we are going to fill it at night and leave it ready for the morning sun and hopefully we shall have water enough for morning ablutions without having to add to our electricity bill. The temperature in the car says its 40C so you can imagine how

Blast from the Past

The afternoons are hot here.  So hot we are usually confined to the house and veranda.  So..... today I had a womble through the old photo's.  There was a purpose to this... I was looking for a specific photograph, which I did not find, I might add.  But then I was side-tracked and I thought it might be fun to go off topic (that is off Finca La Reina topic) for this post. Where are they now?  This is... from left to right.  Jane Carson, Yvonne Windell, (Jane Carson's mum at the back) Sandra Hutchinson and June Weller.  Its 1969 (I think) and its Jane's birthday.... She is 12.  You can see Yvonne Windell behind her in the kitchen doorway.  Jane is wearing a cream coloured lace dress with a row of pearls across the chest - her mum made the dress.  These four girls were the best of friends.  Very soon after this photograph was taken everything changed and everyone moved away, lost touch, perhaps they forgot about each other.  No, not entirely.  these four, I oft