The Yurt Approaches!

We picked a spot for our yurt which is due to arrive in about 4 weeks.  However the best spot is already occupied by a very rickety garden shed.

It looked like one good gust of wind would see it over.  So we decided to demolish it.  Shouldn't be too hard.  First we had to evict the sitting tenants.  Five gecko's were encouraged to move out.  They didn't want to go bless them.

A little brown mouse rushed out the door into the bushes - too fast for us to photograph.  The wasp was another reluctant evictee but I didn't feel sorry for him.

Next we had to remove all the screws. There were hundreds and it took us ages.  And just a little note here, it looks like Steve was working on his own but that is not the case... I did my share but someone had to take the photographs.

Then one good push...

It rocked precariously but would it fall down?  No it wouldn't!!  Here Steve is inspecting it to find out which screw we missed.  

And another good push....

And it still wouldn't go down.

There has to be another screw here somewhere.... and then another push....  Going... going..

And finally...

At which point the foreman decided that it was too hot to do anything else so we went home for dinner.

We finished the job this morning, clearing up the wood and stacking it safely until we decide what to do with it.  Some of it was in ok shape and it will make some decking and perhaps also could be recycled into planters or something similar.  The base of the shed is going to be kept as an area for a table and chairs. The yurt will be positioned right beside it and just look at the view....

It is the best view from the finca and we shall be living in the yurt while our house is renovated.  I can't wait to be having my breakfast while looking at this.


  1. That will be interesting to see your yurt. I'm not sure what one looks like.


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