Grass Seeds

Still on the subject of grass.  I know, grass seems to be such a small topic, at least it did in the UK. Here it is a major issue.  We have had over the last month, a lot of grass seed flying around.  Different types of grasses produce different types of seeds and all of them seem to find their way into Fergus's coat.  Every couple of steps he would have to stop to try and bite out another annoyingly sharp grass projectile that has been picked up inadvertently.

For this reason we had him cut quite short.  Although it was a bit of shock I can tell you... I had no idea I had such a skinny dog.

To show you the kind of thing I am talking about... take a look at these...

Shown here with a one euro coin so you can get some idea of scale.  Pretty impressive really.  They look almost man made but nope, this is Mother Nature at her best.  The corkscrew is designed to screw the seed into the ground powered by the wind blowing the top part of the seed.  And they are amazingly good.  They certainly burrow deep into Fergus's fur and then can even pierce the skin.

We have to be very conscientious about removing them because infections are all too common from this kind of thing, and apart from the hassle and expense of the vets, the anti-biotics are not good on poor Fergus's belly.  A recent dose of antibiotics meant a return journey to the vets and a load more medicine to cure 'dire horrors' if you get my meaning.  Having an upset tummy is not fun, even for a dog.

Poor little lamb has had a rough time recently. He had his last tablet tonight and hopefully that is him back to normal now. 


  1. Oh, poor little Fergus. Those seeds look evil. Will you have to keep his coat short now, or is it just until the seeds have dispersed and gone? He looks cute with or without his fur.

    1. Hi Ilona, we will probably keep him short throughout the summer while it is hot and then let him grow again in the autumn. The really short fur takes some getting used to... for him too I think but the temperature is already around 27C on average and will rise another 10 degrees during August so I think he will be happier short.


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