First Visitors to our Finca

No, we still don't have internet or phone sorted but this is a good excuse to visit the bar and have a beer while updating the world on what we are doing.

Still finding our feet as regards finca life - next challenge is cutting the grass but more on that later.

Our first visitors ... and ones that have caused us to spend long periods of time poised with camera on hand, in silence and awe..

This is the Hoopoe.  He is a daily visitor to our garden and sat on Buddha's laughing head about ten yards from our veranda.  He has been inspecting a hole in an old olive tree and calling to his missus saying something like... well what do you think of this one dear?  She has so far not committed and to be truthful, as wonderful as it would be to have them nest so close, we are hoping that they will choose another 'safer' pad.  Both our cats are at present bemused by the strange hissing and hooping bird calls but it might not take them long to think about actually having a go!

We are also trying to capture these on camera...

Can you see him?  Well, my apologies but it really is hard to capture him.  They are Bee Eaters and we have quite a few on the finca.  We will keep trying to get them on film but they are more shy than the Hoopooe.  They entertain us with their air displays every morning and evening and they are quite the acrobats.  

We have, of course, had other visitors... more fleeting.  A cuckoo flew right past us calling away and we simply stood with our mouths open in wonder.  There have been eagles soaring above us... un-named because we are such beginners in the bird spotting department, along with numerous storks - as common as sparrows to us now.  And lets not mention the creepy crawlies... thankfully they have mostly respected the boundaries of the house, so far, perhaps that is due to the unnamed house lizard that lives in our sitting room and is very welcome to stay for as long as he likes!

Once we have our own internet connection I shall revamp the site and post more photographs but for the moment, thank you to everyone who emailed me and I shall respond soon I promise.


  1. Hi Jane. Pleased to read about your progress in your new place. I don't know much about birds either, you will be able to find out more when you get on the internet. Good luck with your bird photography.


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