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Grass Grass Grass

Over the last month I have become increasingly worried about the length of our grass.  When we first arrived at the finca I was so enthralled by the myriad of wild flowers that I made up my mind not to cut the grass until all the flowers had set seed.  The flowers were overwhelmingly beautiful, and everywhere... even growing on the rocks. We spent about three weeks simply admiring how beautiful the finca was and then the awful truth dawned on us.  We live in a fire zone.  That is to say that during the very hot summer months our finca, our home, is at risk of fire... and the long dry grass is the perfect kindling. The ride-on mower is not working at the moment, it needs a new battery and we had been unable to find anywhere local that sells this particular size of battery.  We also did not have the internet (Oh yes I forget to say... we do now! YAY!) so couldn't source one from elsewhere.  The second mower worked for about an hour before breaking.  That left us with a stri

First Visitors to our Finca

No, we still don't have internet or phone sorted but this is a good excuse to visit the bar and have a beer while updating the world on what we are doing. Still finding our feet as regards finca life - next challenge is cutting the grass but more on that later. Our first visitors ... and ones that have caused us to spend long periods of time poised with camera on hand, in silence and awe.. This is the Hoopoe.  He is a daily visitor to our garden and sat on Buddha's laughing head about ten yards from our veranda.  He has been inspecting a hole in an old olive tree and calling to his missus saying something like... well what do you think of this one dear?  She has so far not committed and to be truthful, as wonderful as it would be to have them nest so close, we are hoping that they will choose another 'safer' pad.  Both our cats are at present bemused by the strange hissing and hooping bird calls but it might not take them long to think about actually having a