Hurrah!!!!!! We are now, officially,

FARMERS!  Confused?  Let me explain.  We have bought.... Finca La Reina.  6.5 acres of meadow, olives and figs. About 150m olives and 30 figs.  (all photos at the end of the blog - borrowing a kind neighbours' internet so for quickness just have to bash this out!)

The house is very small, currently separated into two holiday cottages.  We shall take the dividing wall down and open up the downstairs to make it into one house.  Mind you it is still going to be very small - but hey, there is only two of us.

Some way from the house is another building containing two showers and two toilets and a kitchen, along with a garage and an outside bbq area.

We have a well for water - the tank at the top of the well needed cleaning as soon as we arrived, which was an experience.... Steve had to get inside it... and we could only use vinegar and lemon juice to clean it, with a final wipe over with a weak bleach solution.

... as you can see we have pretty much hit the ground running.  This is an eco friendly establishment.  Our water comes from our own well (we have sent a specimen off for testing and should know in a week if we can drink the water or not - there seems to be no reason why not, everyone else drinks their well water).  The waste from the loo and our grey water goes into another 'well' where it biodegrades all by itself - but we cannot put loo paper down the toilet and we have to be very careful about what products we use.  No strong detergents or cleaning products can be used.  If you do use anything horrid down the sink or loo you will only end up re-consuming it at some time in the future since everything goes back down to the water table eventually.  It focuses the mind quite sharply!

At the moment our electricity is on the mains but we are changing that to solar electricity as soon as we can.  We have been here a fortnight so far and so much has happened.  We do not have internet yet - another fortnight... could be a Spanish fortnight!  So for now... I will load up as many photographs as I can to give you a flavour of the place... and hopefully will get back online when we have our own internet connection and I can take the time to do some specific posts about different aspects of our new life here... phew... enjoy the photos and I shall be back online soon.


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