The Rain in Spain...

...has been falling mainly.... EVERYWHERE!  It's official, we have just had the wettest winter since 1947!  And although I have been keeping an eye on the weather in the UK too I can't help but feel hard done by when I expected to have a few more days of sunshine than I have had.  OK I understand that I shouldn't be complaining because as I said, I have been hearing some awful tales of flooding and freezing from the UK.  My sympathies to all of you who have suffered this winter.

I know that you are waiting to hear news of our property purchase.  Well.  In true Spanish tradition, it's all taking a little bit longer than we expected.  Hitches?  Not really, just delays.  The house purchase system here is relatively simple and straight forward but the execution of it just seems to be subject to numerous delays.

It goes like this.  You find a property you like, you make an offer, it is accepted.  You don't need a lawyer (but you would be stupid not to use one)... you pay a 10% deposit to the sellers - direct into their bank account - and this secures your purchase.  You agree the date by which you will have completed the purchase (and if you default on this you lose your deposit - if the sellers back out they have to pay you twice your deposit).  The contract is prepared and you arrange a date to sign it at the Notaries office in the presence of the sellers.  On the completion date the contract is signed and witnessed and you are given the keys... tadaaaa.

Ours is subject to delays caused by the post.  Sending documents through the post to England for signing and then to Spain for me to sign and then back to the lawyer.  Yes emailed copies are flying around too but the originals are important.  And smack bang in the middle of this is Santa Semana.  That's Holy Week.  The culmination of which is Easter weekend.  There is a lot of this....

And this....

and this

... so in true Spanish style we are off this evening to see a Passion play.  This is Christianity in capital letters, my Church of Scotland upbringing and later agnosticism did not prepare me for this kind of thing.  But to lighten the mood... the particular town we are going to has a tradition that in inclement weather the statue of Christ on the cross wears a souwester as they cart it around the streets... oh how I wish for rain today!

Hubby retired from work yesterday and is flying over to be with me on Tuesday coming.  I can't wait! It has been a long four months with only the occasional week long visit.  Once he arrives we have some packing to do, re-registering our car so that it has Spanish number plates and signing the contract at the Notaries... and then moving... The next two weeks are going to be very busy indeed.  And of course it may take a little while to get internet up and running (but if I know hubby then it shouldn't be too long before I am able to update you all).  Suffice to say... all is on track and I shall be doing a big reveal... our new home... before too long so do check back regularly.


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