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The Rain in Spain...

...has been falling mainly.... EVERYWHERE!  It's official, we have just had the wettest winter since 1947!  And although I have been keeping an eye on the weather in the UK too I can't help but feel hard done by when I expected to have a few more days of sunshine than I have had.  OK I understand that I shouldn't be complaining because as I said, I have been hearing some awful tales of flooding and freezing from the UK.  My sympathies to all of you who have suffered this winter.

I know that you are waiting to hear news of our property purchase.  Well.  In true Spanish tradition, it's all taking a little bit longer than we expected.  Hitches?  Not really, just delays.  The house purchase system here is relatively simple and straight forward but the execution of it just seems to be subject to numerous delays.

It goes like this.  You find a property you like, you make an offer, it is accepted.  You don't need a lawyer (but you would be stupid not to use one)... you pa…