We Found It!

And boy was it exhausting!  We had one week in which to find a property that met all our requirements. Luckily we had a really good agent and did a lot of research online first.  But of course nothing quite matches the reality of being there and exploring in person.

So... I hear you ask... What did we buy?  Well, firstly we have not bought it yet... not quite, so I will not be spilling the beans quite yet but perhaps in a month or so I will be able to post photographs and tell you all about it.

For the moment I thought I would share our good news and also some photographs of properties that we did not want to buy.

Looks great doesn't it?  Unfortunately it was really small and needed loads of refurbishment/rebuilding and there was the very typical Spanish uncertainty about exactly where the boundaries of the land were.  It was also right beside a main road - not that busy as main roads go but still a hazard for my cats!

We also didn't choose this one for similar reasons, no road but the house was really very small and all the ceilings very low, 6 foot husband bent double all the time.  But just a note ... this photograph was taken the first week of February... look at the sky... we sat in the afternoon outside a cafe and had lunch and got sunburned.  Still needed a jumper and jacket but all the same it was really nice.

And then there was this one.  It was fairly nicely finished off inside with three bedrooms all ensuite and the grounds were really nice with a stream running through, however you could hear a fairly busy main road not far away and somehow the house was soul-less.  Yes I know it needed a nice garden planting around the house and gardening is kind of my thing so that would be no problem but it just didn't float our boat.

And then we come to this one.  On paper, this was everything we had asked for.  And it was really nicely finished.  Beautiful house full of character and traditional Spanish touches.  Wonderful garden and then olive grove and a forest as well - the owners never have to buy any wood for their stoves, they just walk up into the forest.  So why didn't we buy this one?  When faced with 14 acres of a permaculturist's dream (what I thought was our dream) we realised that we are not young enough for a project of this size.  It was also a bit far from the nearest village for our liking.  And here reality and common sense kicked in, thankfully, and we chose an unlikely property that the agent only said we should take a quick look at since we were passing the door on our way to another one.  And suprise suprise we were both overwhelmed with how PERFECT it really is... even though it was not quite what we thought we were looking for.  

Barring any unforeseen circumstances this is going to be the view from my front porch.  The property was way above our budget but we offered our top limit and explained that we loved the place and this was the most we could afford.  Our offer was accepted.  Of course this is not legally binding until the contract is drawn up and signed.  Everything now rests with the lawyers and we hope they hurry up!!

The property lies just outside a village with all amenities and about 30 to 40 minutes from the nearest big town.  And just look at the town.  It's called Trujillo and is known as the cradle of the conquistadores.  Just about every country in South America was 'discovered' by an adventurer from this area of Spain and many had their birthplace in Trujillo.  Oh and at the moment the storks are arriving and starting their nest building... we were enthralled.


  1. Fingers and toes crossed everything goes through. How exciting! The storks are pretty neat too.

  2. Oh I was so excited reading this post:) Everything is crossed for you and I'm really looking forward to seeing photos of your new home♥ Lovely view from your front porch.

  3. Glad you have found somewhere, I hope it all goes through smoothly. Your town looks nice, all olde worlde. Ah, sweet Fergus, he's lovely.


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