Cooking with Fire

While we are waiting for things to progress on the property purchase front I decided to practice my cooking with fire.  Believe me the house purchase thingy is very frustrating here, mind you the house selling and buying thingy is very frustrating in the UK too... but I digress...

Cooking with Fire.

I decided to start with a very simple toasted sandwich which I made using my 'Pie Iron'.

No its not for making pies.  But if you search on Google for Pie Iron you will get one (or lots) of these.    First of all I lit a fire... but then it was cold this morning so I would have lit a fire anyway but you can't leave the lighting of the fire until later because you need to have lots of nice hot embers.  So... toastie making begins...

Butter some plain white bread.  (I would have made my own bread but then it would have taken all day to get the toastie made... so I used a fairly cheap plain white loaf from the supermarket.)

You place the bread into the pie iron with the buttered side facing outwards.

Then I prepared the filling.  Cheese (cheddar) some spring onions and some cooked ham, again a fairly bog standard get it at the supermarket type of ham.

The filling goes in and the pie iron is shut...

And then the excess bread is trimmed off.

It goes into the fire and I set the timer for two and a half minutes each side.  Timing is always going to be a bit of guesswork.  For a start... how hot is the fire?  That will determine how long to leave the pie iron in...

I turned the pie iron over after the first two and a half minutes and as I turned it I noticed that the little bit of bread around the edge was quite black... so I pulled it a little farther from the centre of the fire so that it wouldn't be so hot.

The timer rang and the moment of truth had come.  Out it came and I opened it up.

The bread stuck a bit (note to self to make sure that every bit of the inside of the pie iron and around the rim is greased).  A little poking with a knife and my toasted sandwich came away...

And it was absolutely delicious.  I might be a bit more adventurous with my fillings next time but the Pie Iron gets a big Thumbs Up!!


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