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Cooking with Fire

While we are waiting for things to progress on the property purchase front I decided to practice my cooking with fire.  Believe me the house purchase thingy is very frustrating here, mind you the house selling and buying thingy is very frustrating in the UK too... but I digress... Cooking with Fire. I decided to start with a very simple toasted sandwich which I made using my 'Pie Iron'. No its not for making pies.  But if you search on Google for Pie Iron you will get one (or lots) of these.    First of all I lit a fire... but then it was cold this morning so I would have lit a fire anyway but you can't leave the lighting of the fire until later because you need to have lots of nice hot embers.  So... toastie making begins... Butter some plain white bread.  (I would have made my own bread but then it would have taken all day to get the toastie made... so I used a fairly cheap plain white loaf from the supermarket.) You place the bread into the pie iron wi

We Found It!

And boy was it exhausting!  We had one week in which to find a property that met all our requirements. Luckily we had a really good agent and did a lot of research online first.  But of course nothing quite matches the reality of being there and exploring in person. So... I hear you ask... What did we buy?  Well, firstly we have not bought it yet... not quite, so I will not be spilling the beans quite yet but perhaps in a month or so I will be able to post photographs and tell you all about it. For the moment I thought I would share our good news and also some photographs of properties that we did not want to buy. Looks great doesn't it?  Unfortunately it was really small and needed loads of refurbishment/rebuilding and there was the very typical Spanish uncertainty about exactly where the boundaries of the land were.  It was also right beside a main road - not that busy as main roads go but still a hazard for my cats! We also didn't choose this one for similar re