The Rain in Spain

...falls mainly on the plain.

However, you can see the rain clouds building over the mountains before they roll down to the plains.  Unfortunately they come so quickly you hardly have time to get back from a doggy walk before you get wet.  Fortunately so far it has always started with a misty rain that only turned to a deluge once I was safe inside.

Last night's rain was accompanied by fierce winds.  I awoke at about 3am to the discordant sound of rain drops on corrugated roofing.. or splooshing into tin cans... a very out of tune percussion section for sure.  Along with this was the grating noise of something hefty moving against something solid.  Who knows?

I think the gate was also rattling, either that or it was the shutters.  I was too cosy in bed to want to brave the tiled floors to investigate.

The village is VERY cold.  I don't do cold well.  Although I had set my thermostat indoors to 12 degrees C I changed my mind and put it up to 14C.  I thought I was being very brave in England when I turned it down to 17. 

As I walk around the village alot of people have received deliveries of wood and are busy stacking it in the garden.  It's a lot of work, and some people's gardens are totally taken up with huge piles of wood... apparently central heating is not common and many of the houses only have the fireplace as a source of heat.  The people here are also in general not very well off and they are very frugal and thrifty... and will spend most of the winter in one room only.  And taking it a little further... apparently some of them don't shower until the spring... either they cannot afford to heat the water or it is simply too cold to brave the bathroom... I know that feeling... I'm averaging a shower once every two days with a good wash on the day in between but there is a temptation just to put your clothes on and then stay in them for days!!  It's all a little reminiscent of my childhood in the early sixties... when bath night was only once a week and we did not have central heating and often I would wake to ice on the inside of the bedroom window.  I shouldn't complain now because I have definitely not awoken to ice inside.  But still I whinge... (and when I do friends and family remind me that I am living the dream... ha ha... ) Oh how spoiled I have become.


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