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Rosemary and Quail

I was very much looking forward to my dinner the other night.  I purchased two quail... reasonably priced... and eagerly looked through my collection of favourite recipes to decide what to do with them.  I found a tried and trusted recipe from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall that had very few ingredients... tomato paste, red wine, garlic, rosemary. All of which I am able to find really easily here.  In particular the rosemary which Mr Whittingstall waxed lyrical about in his recipe... must be best quality... really pungent smell... very fresh blah blah blah etc... Well you can't get fresher than the stuff that grows at the end of our road and the smell was simply heavenly. So.... First you brown the quail in olive oil, then you add the garlic......and then the tomato puree.... ...and the rosemary. Ooh don't forget the wine!  Then you pop the lid on and cook for 12 minutes... After which, you take the lid off... add a little more wine and cook for a further

The Rain in Spain

...falls mainly on the plain. However, you can see the rain clouds building over the mountains before they roll down to the plains.  Unfortunately they come so quickly you hardly have time to get back from a doggy walk before you get wet.  Fortunately so far it has always started with a misty rain that only turned to a deluge once I was safe inside. Last night's rain was accompanied by fierce winds.  I awoke at about 3am to the discordant sound of rain drops on corrugated roofing.. or splooshing into tin cans... a very out of tune percussion section for sure.  Along with this was the grating noise of something hefty moving against something solid.  Who knows? I think the gate was also rattling, either that or it was the shutters.  I was too cosy in bed to want to brave the tiled floors to investigate. The village is VERY cold.  I don't do cold well.  Although I had set my thermostat indoors to 12 degrees C I changed my mind and put it up to 14C.  I thought I was be

Demonic Daschund!

They say that domestic dogs are 99% wolf.  Even silly breeds like Fergus.  Well obviously that 1% accounts for a great deal.  Our neighbour across the street has a little pack of three sausage dogs (crossed with something else). Well they didn't take too kindly to a new dog in town.  Poor Fergus was minding his own business having a good sniff when out of nowhere I saw a flash of brown heading towards him.  The next thing, there was a terrible squealing from Fergus, and a mad rush of the rest of the pack all growling and barking ferociously. I couldn't get to Fergus quick enough and he was definitely bitten but thankfully not bad enough to draw blood.  They were, after all, just defending their territory. As a sort of add on to their pack is Brown Dog.  This photo doesn't do him justice but he won't stand still! He is a feral dog.  A stray.  People throw out food for him but don't give him shelter and it is really quite heart wrenching to come