On our Way!!

Today we set off for the Chunnel.  It was a beautiful crisp autumn day when we left England and in France it got a few degrees warmer.  The sun shone all day as we drove down towards Le Mans and our first night's stop.  As the sun set it left the sky all shades of pink and red and a dense mist lay at ground level in the dips and deep valleys that we crossed.  As we traversed a high viaduct we could see the lights of a little village shining eerily through the twilight fog.  Yet at the top of the viaduct there was no mist at all.  It was all a little strange and very atmospheric. 

Our sat nav sent us all around the houses in Le Mans looking for the Ibis City Centre hotel, but eventually we found it.  In fact we had driven past it twice and been too busy trying to read road signs that we missed the huge great big neon 'Hotel' sign.  When we finally spotted it, we laughed.  It was well and truly dark by now and we were tired and hungry.  The hotel restaurant was closed but they offerred us snacks - which turned out to be a delicious salmon steamed in a paper bag with a leek and cream sauce followed by a fondant chocolate pudding - a very good snack indeed.  A glass of French beer to chase it down and a cup of tea... not quite the 'Premiere tay Anglay' (for those who remember the PG Tips Chimps) but good enough when you are tired and ready for bed.  Apologies for the lack of piccys but I inadvertently left the camera switched on in my bag and the battery soon ran down... and who knows where I packed the charger!!

More when I get the chance...


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