I woke up this morning...

...very early, it was still quite dark.  Just before bed last night I had dropped my phone and the battery came out of it. When I replaced it, I was prompted to agree that it was 8 minutes past 10.  I didn't actually know the correct time as I had turned off my very ancient laptop that takes an age to boot up, so I just said yes, but I was very doubtful.  My one and only wristwatch - bought a month ago - stopped working this week, I have an issue with watches... they always stop and although it could be the battery, it usually doesn't make any difference... something to do with my natural magnetism (well that's what I tell everyone anyway!) 

But back to this morning... reaching over for my phone it said 5:30am.  Well it could have been except that I heard noises from my daughter's house next door and I didn't think she would be starting the fire at 5:30 in the morning.

I waited an hour, impossible to go back to sleep once awake, and then got up.  As I was raking out the ashes my daughter came round with a pile of wood.  It snowed overnight she said and this is last years olive wood, it burns hotter than the almond wood we bought the other day.

I checked the time with her.  It seems my phone reverted to UK time.  It would have been interesting not to worry about the time and just wait for the sun to come up, except that we had plans to go shopping.

As the sun revealed, a light covering of snow had fallen during the night.  The path outside my house was treacherously icy and we postponed the longer trip to town and just went to the village supermarket to stock up with essentials.

We are at just over a thousand metres high here and today it certainly feels like it.  Fergus wore his coat for a short walk around the village and was very happy to get back home to the fireside.  The cats who have been quite stir crazy since we arrived were let out into the garden and promptly came back in to do their business... not in the cat litter tray I might add, but on the floor.  Thankfully its a tiled floor and easily cleaned, but very cold... can't wait until my removals arrive and I can unpack some rugs... they might stop the eery echo in the house too. So today is going to be a quiet day at home with my Kindle and music on internet radio.  I feel very calm and rested just thinking about it. 


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