And... we are here.

What can I say?  Well... I am NEVER going to go on a three day road trip ever again!  Don't get me wrong, it was fairly uneventful as road trips go, but by the third day I was really really tired of being in a box on wheels - and so was the dog.

Fergus was very good, but all the same, by the third day he too had had enough.  He also got travel sick on day three too.  But lets concentrate on the good stuff.

The main good thing about driving down was that we were able to see the countryside change and the temperature slowly creep up the farther south we got.  Deciduous forest turned to cypress and pine, wheat fields to grape vines and finally to olive and almond groves.  We only saw one village with a few heavily laden orange trees before we started climbing up to terrain too frosty in winter for citrus trees.  The temperature reached 19C during the early afternoon but then dropped again as we gained altitude to a pleasant sunny 17C.

We arrived around 6pm just an hour after our cats had been dropped off by the pet chauffeurs.  My daughter had settled them into the house and lit a cosy fire for them (and us).  Once the sun goes down the temperature plummits again.  We rolled into bed that night totally exhausted, looking forward to lifting the shutters the following morning to our view.

Today is Friday.  And every day since then has been hectic and equally exhausting.  I drove the new car to the local town for shopping.  I have never driven on the right hand side of the road before and apart from a few issues of being a bit close to the edge of the road (no white lines in the middle of the road to guide you) it was ok.  Bit scary, but I will need to do it again soon.

The language is proving trickier.  My learn Spanish CD's did not prepare me for the local accent, thankfully my daughter speaks very good Spanish - but it is my goal now to learn as quickly as I can.

 On the road!

 New houses are soooo confusing!

 Our house is on the left and my daughters on the right.

 The view from the house.

In the morning we listen to the radio on the internet and I feel a little guilty at enjoying such good weather when I know much of the UK is underwater.  I am assured that I will have some very winter weather in January so for now I will just sympathise with you all.


  1. So glad you made it safely. Welcome to your new life!

  2. Lyn Looking forward to Retirement!26 November 2012 at 13:07

    I so look forward to reading your blog. I am hoping to retire next year, finances permitting, and my darling husband would love to spend some time in Spain. Good luck with the next chapter in your life. I will follow your blog with interest and hope that we too can make the journey to start a new life in such a lovely country.


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