Third Time Lucky!

It's been a while, I know, I'm sorry.  I did plan to update regularly and to keep you all informed as events unfurl here at Casa Technobillies.  But sometimes when events happen I feel unable to blog straight away.  It's almost as if I know that the story isn't finished yet and I wait a bit.  I sometimes feel that a little distance will help the telling of the tale.  But of course all that happens is that more of the story unravels and I then find that the tale has become quite complicated to tell.  So... where shall I start...

Well... you know that my house sold twice before and both sales fell through.  So, when we recently  accepted an offer, for the third time, I did not allow myself to get excited.  I waited (and I deliberately didn't blog it, I know I should have).  Our prospective buyers had a survey done and were happy with the results - what you would expect from a house of it's age - they said.  Nothing major to be done other than new windows which they knew about when they came to view.  They had made a sensible offer which we accepted (the same as our previous buyers in fact) and we cautiously allowed ourselves a little optimistic online search for rental properties in Spain.

We also contacted our agent in Spain to ask if they could arrange a rental property for us.  You see, we would like to buy land and have our dream home built, in order to do this, we need to release the capital from our house here... meantime we need somewhere to live, along with cats and dog, so renting for a short while is the best option.

Having missed out on the rental property we had lined up previously we did not realise that it would be so difficult to find another.  But so it proved.  In fact we were unable to find a single suitable property.  The main problem being the animals.  Not too despondent at this stage we decided that we could always rent here in the UK and then travel over to Spain to investigate our best options at our leisure.  While hubby is in work this is a do-able proposition.  However we hit the same snag - a reluctance to let us keep two cats and a dog.

Meanwhile our youngest son went to university and settled in well enough, not without a little anxiety on all fronts I might add, but he's there and seems to be enjoying his independance - which we knew he would, and its about time too!  Our youngest daughter prepared for a 100km trek across the Jordanian desert in order to raise funds for Help for Heroes.  This is Petra  it was the ultimate destination of her trek.  Amazing eh?  (Oh and yes she made it!! Whoo Hoo Well done Christina!)

On the morning of her departure I received a phone call from my nephew in Scotland to say my father had a heart attack and was on his way to the hospital.  Once my brain recovered from the sensation of swimming in porridge I was able to establish that, although serious, they did not think he was at deaths door.  Mind you at 89 any health issues can turn serious.  So I arranged a flight up to Aberdeen.

At the same time No. 1 daughter who already lives in Spain phoned me to say that if we wanted we could rent the house next door to her and she would arrange it with the landlord, all we need to do is give them an arrival date.  Phew... so much happening all at once.

This is the house that my daughter rents, it's a semi detached property and the attached one (the one farthest away in the photograph) is going to be our temporary home.  This photograph shows it when it was newly built and actually not quite finished.  It looks much nicer now!  But I will wait until we are hopefully happily installed to take more up to date photographs.  The views from the back of the house and the little verandah you can just see are to die for!!

Back to my dash to Scotland.  I stayed four days altogether, enough time to see my father home from the hospital after his Angiogram and settled comfortably at home, with strict instructions about looking after himself and taking it easy.  Instructions he ignored only a couple of hours after I left I might add.  It seems taking it easy is not something he knows anything about!!  But that's another post all on it's own, old people are incorrigible!!  and now I have put a little distance between myself and the situation I tend to think, Oh well, it's up to him... he's a grown up after all!

Now back home and having answered all the questions forthcoming from our buyers solicitors, we await news of a date for exchanging contracts... which I hope will be really soon.  I have the removal man coming on Monday to give us an updated quote and then I really hope to be able to give him an actual moving date very quickly.  Campo Camara here we come!  Fingers and toes crossed of course. Am I excited?  Yes and No.  Mostly no.  We've been here before but I am hoping that third time really is lucky.  I shall keep you posted - promise.


  1. I'm glad you have posted this, I was thinking about emailing you to ask if anything had happened. And so it has. I do hope everything works out this time, what a rollercoaster few weeks you have had.

    I know what you mean about elderly people who are reluctant to take it easy. My uncle of 89 is the same, though now he has to admit he can't do as much as he would like.


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