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Almost, not quite..

Everyone I meet asks me, are you all set?  Ready for the off?  Is it going through this time? The only reply I can give is... almost, not quite.  or Nearly. We signed the contract, our buyers need to sign it now.  Their solicitor is in London so it will take a day or two for them to do that, basically by the end of this week we should have exchanged contracts.  We have set a tentative moving date of 16th November - our buyers are happy with this date too so we have felt confident enough to get started booking the cats travel. Wooster and Molly are going by van/car.  With a company called Pet Chauffeurs .  I spoke with the gentleman this morning and he was very helpful and very reassuring. They will be in a large cage together and they will be able to see out the window.  The same person will be feeding and tending to them throughout the trip and they won't be staying in a hotel, they carry enough drivers to do the whole trip in one go... taking two days of course.  It

Third Time Lucky!

It's been a while, I know, I'm sorry.  I did plan to update regularly and to keep you all informed as events unfurl here at Casa Technobillies.  But sometimes when events happen I feel unable to blog straight away.  It's almost as if I know that the story isn't finished yet and I wait a bit.  I sometimes feel that a little distance will help the telling of the tale.  But of course all that happens is that more of the story unravels and I then find that the tale has become quite complicated to tell.  So... where shall I start... Well... you know that my house sold twice before and both sales fell through.  So, when we recently  accepted an offer, for the third time, I did not allow myself to get excited.  I waited (and I deliberately didn't blog it, I know I should have).  Our prospective buyers had a survey done and were happy with the results - what you would expect from a house of it's age - they said.  Nothing major to be done other than new windows whic