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A New Hobby and a New Beginning

Well, the Olympic Fest is well and truly over - I have to admit that I DID enjoy the Para-Olympics much more than the able bodied Olympics - I think there was much more Olympic Spirit in evidence with the Para's and for me that made it much more interesting to watch. But anyway... a momentous thing has happened today.... my last baby has gone to University.  I am at home alone, trying to make sense of all the rubbish left in his bedroom that has been sorted into piles for 'bin' 'charity shop' 'keep' and 'recycling'.  I'll be honest it isn't totally clear which or what goes where... but I am sure I will figure it out.  Am I feeling sad..?. a bit... but it hasn't hit home yet, it will later when hubby and I are on our own..... that will be interesting.  Not that we haven't been on our own before, but it is different this we can expect to be 'just us' for most of the time.  Oooooh er Missus!!! The other thing, not