My Olympic Medals!

THIS is what I have been getting up to during the Olympics....

1.  Tunisian crochet pot holders.  Tunisian crochet is made on a long crochet hook - sort of a cross between a normal crochet hook and a knitting needle.  You pull through a series of loops from all the stitches in the row and then work them off on the return two at a time.  There are quite a few tutorials online for those who fancy having a go. (small pieces can be made on a normal crochet hook).  The stitch is very dense and thick and when made double like this the pot holders are much more effective than my traditional oven gloves!  I actually made four altogether but gave two away as a present.  I edged them with double crochet and worked a brass curtain hook into the corner for hanging them up.  They do not go with my kitchen decor but I don't care a hoot!!

2.  A tea cosy for my small teapot.  Tea for one can be a leisurely affair now since my tea stays warm for longer and I can get a second cup.  This pattern was just a simple stocking stitch rectangle - make two- and then sew them up at the sides leaving space for the handle and spout.  A ribbon was worked through the top and then gathered into a bow.  The stocking stitch bottom edge curls nicely all by itself.

3.  A handbag.  Well, I may not use it.  I might give it away as a present. I got the handles along with the pattern in a magazine dated 2010 and it has taken me until now to actually do something with them.

4.  A pair of knitted ankle socks.  This is one of my favourite patterns for socks.  Knitted on straight needles and then sewn up the front.  The back of the ankle is decorated with a button and a knitted bow.  Perhaps not the most practical of socks but snuggly and fun to wear.

5.  A pair of crochet socks!  Those who have followed my blog for a while will know that sock knitting became an addiction for me a couple of years ago.  Crochet socks are even quicker to finish and this cotton 4 ply means the socks could be worn with sandals through the summer.

6.  A knitted brooch for an 80th birthday gift.  What do you do with those odd bits of wool left over from other projects?  I have several small odds and ends of wool that I couldn't bring myself to throw away.  Too wasteful to chuck them but not really enough to do anything with.  This unusual knitted brooch is not my idea, I found the pattern for the roses and leaves in a book and simply adapted them to make a pretty decoration for cardigan or hat!

7.  I also made a very pretty scarf but I have not photographed it because it is going to be a present for someone who I know reads my blog from time to time... I don't want to spoil the surprise now do I?

The best thing of all about these projects is that they did not cost me a penny!  All the wool came from my stash.  So... is my stash a great deal smaller now? Er... well not exactly.  While searching through my patterns I found one that I really wanted to do and not having enough wool I bought some more... d'oh!  That was not the plan, but hey ho, I have demonstrated that there is a use for all the little odds and ends that I have kept over the years, its just having the will to use them up!

Also during the Olympics...

... poor Fergus is not himself.  He had a lump removed from his hip that was growing alarmingly and causing him discomfort.  A short while in surgery and then a trumpet for the next couple of weeks and he should be fine.  Medically anyway... he might hate us forever though, he really is not happy about the trumpet.


  1. You have been busy, the socks look really comfy. Poor Fergus, I hope he is feeling better.


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