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My Olympic Medals!

THIS is what I have been getting up to during the Olympics.... 1.  Tunisian crochet pot holders.  Tunisian crochet is made on a long crochet hook - sort of a cross between a normal crochet hook and a knitting needle.  You pull through a series of loops from all the stitches in the row and then work them off on the return two at a time.  There are quite a few tutorials online for those who fancy having a go. (small pieces can be made on a normal crochet hook).  The stitch is very dense and thick and when made double like this the pot holders are much more effective than my traditional oven gloves!  I actually made four altogether but gave two away as a present.  I edged them with double crochet and worked a brass curtain hook into the corner for hanging them up.  They do not go with my kitchen decor but I don't care a hoot!! 2.  A tea cosy for my small teapot.  Tea for one can be a leisurely affair now since my tea stays warm for longer and I can get a second cup.  This patte