WHO lives in a house like this...?

I have some BEFORE and AFTER piccys for you today.

As my followers will know, we are redecorating to sell.  We have done away with our penchant for strong colours and opted for muted shades and magnolia calm walls.  We have also been avidly watching Phil Spencer Secret Agent do his stuff and have garnered some tips from him.  Namely:  Every room should have a distinct purpose and be seriously de-cluttered, which we had already done but have done some more, part of which entails removing a lot of personal family type photographs.  Luckily we have a number of paintings and prints that have graced the walls from times past and were still acceptable to modern tastes.  We are not quite finished...

We do not have a lot of money and what money we have we really did not want to spend on the house we are leaving, but having realised that if we do not spend the money we will definitely have to reduce the price on the house by quite a whack, we would rather spend a little wisely now and hopefully keep the value of the house intact.

Mostly we bought paint but also new ceiling lights and a couple of new cushion covers.  New bamboo blinds in the conservatory that only cost me £42 for all the windows!!  I turned the old blinds into new cushion covers for the rattan suite.  Non colour matching items such as photo frames and ornaments that were too fussy were put away.  Everything else was stuff I already had in the house and some of it was stuff I had put in the loft 15 years ago because I wanted a change... La plus ca change... or something like that.

So... here is The Before Sitting Room:

And the After Sitting Room:

There is no Before picture for the DINING ROOM because we had it cluttered up with a computer desk and chair and shelves full of books... since we already have one room upstairs that is supposed to be a study (used as my sewing room) it seemed a bit silly to have the computer down here, so we moved it upstairs and I had to seriously shrink my fabric stash et al to accommodate it.

The dining table was moved from the conservatory that used to look like this....  You can only see a very little bit of the colour that was on the wall in the this picture... a sort of jade greeney blue that is peeking out from just behind the chair with the blue throw on it.

...and it now looks like this...  I love sitting in this room and so does Fergus the dog and Molly the cat.

The rattan conservatory suite?  Well yep that was always here... except for the rattan couch which was buried in the garage under all sorts of rubbish.  The hideous old blinds that I hated but put up with because they were cheap and all I could afford at the time look much better as cushion covers.  Rugs and things that just no longer go with the decor have been carefully put away in the loft.  They are good quality Turkish rugs and they will have their day again... one day.

And the garden... well not much different there except that the estate agent took a few more photographs this time.  No hen enclosure any more... which looks much nicer but I do miss my hens dreadfully.

 So now, we wait to see if any new buyers will be attracted by all our hard work... I say we wait... actually we shall be continuing the updating and revamping of the house... new doors to some of the bedrooms, a little paint here and there... and when we are finally finished we have promised ourselves a reward day at a local spa to have a massage and a nice lunch and perhaps a swim in the pool... such luxury, I can't wait!


  1. Looks very nice. What's the asking price by the way :o))

  2. Wow what a transformation. You have done a fantastic job, I especially love the sitting room. I'm sure you both must feel very pleased with the results. Well done:)

  3. I love what you've done in the house .The garden looks lovely wish mine looked as good.

    lisa x

  4. Very nice transformation. Heres hoping you get a buyer soon. Found you from Meanqueen's blog.


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