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I'm Ready for the Olympics...

I have sorted my stash of wool....  ......and looked up some free patterns on Ravelry .  If you are not a member then join now, it's free and so are hundreds of knitting and crochet patterns. I have bought some more of my favourite paint....   Annie Sloan 's chalk based paints... marketed as 'Paint for Girls'  - very sexist, and I am sure very incorrect since I know lots of girls who are very good at painting and decorating, but once you use Annie's chalk based paint, you will understand why.  Even the worst painter in the world ' aka me ' can get a good result. ...I have some little sewing projects to finish...  ....and sewing machines that need a little bit of servicing. And we once again have viewers coming to see our house... hoorah!  I wonder why it was so quiet for the last few weeks?

So glad that I am ME

That title sounds a bit self centred... not meant to be.  Let me explain. I have a neighbour, two doors away in our quiet little close.  She is in her 80's now.  Her husband died some years ago and she lives alone.  About two years ago she had a fall down stairs and the ambulance crew had to break in through the window to get to her - I don't know how long she lay at the foot of the stairs before her carer turned up and couldn't get in the door (she was lying on the floor right behind the front door).  Anyway she got better and had her bed brought downstairs into the living room, the bathroom is downstairs too so it was considered that she had everything she needed I guess, and certainly we haven't seen a carer come into the close for many months. Of late she has taken to wandering around the village aimlessly, asking people what day of the week it is.  She got on the bus to go to a local town and ended up in another town altogether in the other direction.  She mana

WHO lives in a house like this...?

I have some BEFORE and AFTER piccys for you today. As my followers will know, we are redecorating to sell.  We have done away with our penchant for strong colours and opted for muted shades and magnolia calm walls.  We have also been avidly watching Phil Spencer Secret Agent do his stuff and have garnered some tips from him.  Namely:  Every room should have a distinct purpose and be seriously de-cluttered, which we had already done but have done some more, part of which entails removing a lot of personal family type photographs.  Luckily we have a number of paintings and prints that have graced the walls from times past and were still acceptable to modern tastes.  We are not quite finished... We do not have a lot of money and what money we have we really did not want to spend on the house we are leaving, but having realised that if we do not spend the money we will definitely have to reduce the price on the house by quite a whack, we would rather spend a little wisely now and hopef

Bah Humbug!

Is anyone else out there totally fed up of all the sporting references EVERYWHERE you look?  Every single advert on the telly seems to be connected to sport - even a famous brand of washing up liquid is counting how many washed plates make an Olympic athlete... I ask you..What Next?? I am not very interested in sport, I admit it, but I am growing less interested in the Olympics the nearer it gets.  We live about an hour and a half's drive from London, which is great, because it means we can take day trips to see the sights, take in a show or a concert and all that kind of stuff.  So, will we be going to any of the Olympic events? I think not. Firstly, getting tickets was such a farce and so expensive and I know people who have ended up paying a fortune for tickets to events that they actually did not really want to see.  Marry that up with the expense and time and hassle getting to London on the day... no thank you.  I think the best seat will be in my living room in fro

A thing to make BIG things small

In an effort to continue to de-clutter and attempt to keep the house de-cluttered, I bought a thing. It's supposed to make big things small.  Fabric things like duvets and pillows etc.  Aha!  I thought.  I have a rather large box full of fabric (projects waiting to happen) and spare cushions (another project waiting to happen) that could do with shrinking down to a manageable size.   After trying to weed out stuff that realistically will not ever be made I was still left with a rather large box full. So... into the gadget went the fabric, layer by layer.   The rather meagre instructions then say to suck all the air out by using the nozzle of the hoover.   Well the nozzle of my hoover (and it's attachments) did not fit over the hole for sucking out the air. Two hoovers later and still no exact fit, I decided to just hold the nozzle in place over the opening and see what happens. Well... I never!   All the air come out and the pile of fabric got smaller and sm