Things I've Learned about Painting (and decorating)

1.  It's not as easy as it looks.

2.  The room gets bigger as you paint.

3.  Gravity is a force to reckon with.

4.  The first stroke of the brush or roller puts the paint on... the second can take it off... what is it with that?

5.  It looks awful until it has dried (which makes you feel like you are doing a really bad job and the subsequent bad attitude means the next wall looks even worse!)

6.  Painting ceilings can make you feel really unwell. (looking up all the time is bad for you)

7.  Walls are bumpy not smooth (who'd have thought eh??)

8.  Painting and cooking at the same time is not advisable.

9.  A mug full of hot tea is not a suitable receptacle for a fully loaded paint brush.

10.  Paint is attracted to floors, tables, soft furnishings and other places where it's not supposed to be.

11.  Paint can magically appear UNDERNEATH the carefully placed dust sheet.

12.  Ladders are scary.

13.  "Oh" is not an appropriate response from hubby when he gets home from work and looks at the finished job that took you ALL DAY to complete.

14.  And finally... if you can afford it... pay a professional.


  1. Thanks, that made me smile! We moved house just Friday, and, thanks to some marvellous friends and the DH, our bedroom, sitting room and kitchen were all painted in the week before. (Me? I was on the phone yelling at npower and virgin media. Whaddaya mean; couldn't I paint at the same time?!) I personally would add no.15: if Debbie has a paintbrush or roller in her hand, step back and let her whizz along or you'll get painted too. Bless that woman!

  2. Love the list and could relate to every one of them. Can I be cheeky and add one of mine. Someone always rings/knocks on the door when your up a ladder with a pasted roll of wallpaper.

    1. You are so right... I totally forgot about the phone calls, especially the one I left to the ansaphone and then realised that I really needed to talk to that person and nearly killed myself to get down the ladder and across the obstacle course of piled up furniture to reach the phone before they signed off... which of course I failed to do! lol.


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