It's Raining so....

Feeling dizzy from painting the ceiling I am taking this opportunity to update the blog.

We continue with the home improvements plan in the hope that short-sighted potential buyers will be more keen when shown a bland and very blank canvas.

OK I need to explain that mauve was very 'in' in 1996.

But one thing is for sure... I am never going to paint strong colours on walls again.  Our whole house was a bit of an experiment in colour back in 96.  Both hubby and I had lived for most of our lives in military quarters where we were not allowed to change the colour of the walls and they were always magnolia. At the time we longed for colour to enrich our lives but suddenly when faced with our own home for the first time we felt an overwhelming panic and actually were very tempted to just go back to the familiar.

Not wanting to admit to being cowards, or colourfully challanged in any way, we were determined not to give in to the Magnolia.  Choosing a colour did not come easily to us and when finally we came up with the mauve walls and lighter mauve ceiling idea we were very pleased with ourselves.  The kitchen was similar but with the lighter yellow on the walls and darker yellow on the ceiling.  It was supposed to make the narrow kitchen seem wider (darker ceiling) and the dark north facing sitting room seem larger (lighter ceiling).

I like to think that the sitting room fulfilled the brief at at the time.  The rest of the house was a similar story.  Our bathroom was a very vibrant pink with white bath and tiles (which we have lately turned into a very soothing palest aqua and white), the master bedroom ws the only place where we showed some restraint with a pale lemon wall with burgundy paintwork (not so restrained but matched with our burgundy curtains and soft furnishings and as such has been left the same colour).  The largest children's bedroom was a very violent yellow - then a dark brown - then a paler yellow - and now magnolia and white making it a really nice guest bedroom.

We bought really large tins of our newest favourite colours: Magnolia and White.  How restful.  But such hard work to get it back to bland... (Fergus supervising as usual).

 Two coats are required at least - sometimes three!  So far we have not had any new viewers and I like to think that it may be the Universe giving us time to put the place to rights.  And if that is the case then I need to say thank you to the weather for refilling my water butts and watering in all the new shrubs, plants and seeds that I planted last week when the weather was better.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear the house sale fell through, fingers crossed someone will view your home, fall in love and you have a quick sale on your hands:) Your house does sound very colourful (he he). Good Luck:) Linda


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