Please make this the last hurdle!

We had hoped to be confirming the removals this week, booking the cats travel and purchasing our ferry tickets... but ... no, not yet.

In the light of the survey on the house our buyer has requested an electrician do an inspection and is also viewing again tomorrow.  Well.

We know that the electrics in the house are old, however, we have never had any problems with them in the 16 years that we have been here.  And although they would not pass current regulations, they were perfectly legal when the house was built and are therefore not illegal now.  Can we get away with not rewiring the whole house please?

We are pretty convinced that all the faults with the house are up front and visible.  We don't expect any surprises, but you know how it is, we have not seen the survey report so we are wondering (worrying) about what it might contain.

I have spent several days cleaning and re-cleaning, as if that would make a difference to anything.

If we don't exchange contracts this week, it is looking unlikely that we shall be able to book the removals for the 1st June - they do need a bit of notice.  What is more inconvenient is booking the cats travel - they definitely need notice and if we miss the 3rd June transport for them it is a full two weeks until the next one.  Either that or we send them by air and then have to drive to Malaga to pick them up.  Quite a journey out of our way, and more expensive than sending them by road.

It's all very frustrating.  And stressful.  And poor Wooster has a sore leg which just cost me £99 at the vets.  I hope this house sale is nearing the end.  I am getting close to the end of my tether.  I certainly never want to do this again!!


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